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Personal credit

A personal loan to meet your personal needs. This is the formula for you! We offer personal credit based solely on your ability to repay the loan. Take a step closer to realising your dreams by using our personal credit and meet your financial needs at attractive interest rates. Personal credit can help you cover unexpected expenses such as wedding costs, school or college fees, dream holidays, home renovation projects or even the purchase of durable consumer goods. Applying for personal credit is much easier, faster and more convenient with CDMI Finance.

Car credit

Do you need a new car? A new means of transport? Finance Express can help. Our Car and Motorbike Credit package enables you to finance the purchase of your new car under the best possible conditions. Would you like to finance your future personal vehicle: car, motorbike, scooter, caravan, boat, electric bike... with a car loan or motorbike loan? New, used, less than a year old, more than a year old, more than 2 years old... Saloon, hybrid, MPV, diesel or petrol, vintage... We are the solution with an interest rate of 3%. Car credit is the ideal solution. Also known as earmarked credit, it is intended for the purchase of a vehicle, to the exclusion of any other goods or services.

Student Credit

Student loans are now a very realistic way of financing your studies. Credits are very flexible and can offer credit amounts high enough to pay for your entire education, but with extended repayment periods and reasonable interest rates so you can afford to repay as you graduate. You should always consider carefully how much money you need for your studies. Then you need to look for bursaries, ask your school for financial support and find money from other sources, including family funds.

Real Estate Credit

Whether you're renovating, building or planning a new home, we've got this package for you. At this rate, we are the only one on the financial market. A fixed-rate mortgage to buy a primary or secondary residence or finance a rental investment, with no surprises! It's with Finance Express, apply now and we'll study your application free of charge. Fixed rates that are among the lowest on the market, an adviser who's there to listen to you and provide personalised support, and an immediate response to your mortgage application 100% online - that's the same as a mortgage with complete freedom.

Investment Credit

Are you a professional, an entrepreneur or an economic operator? Do you have a long-term project that requires substantial financing? This is the formula for you. Investment credit is the ideal product for customers with few financial commitments who want to use the leverage strategy (borrow to invest) to build up their portfolio of long-term assets. This product is a financing tool used primarily for investment purposes. It allows the purchase and pledging of non-registered segregated fund or mutual fund units as collateral for credit granted to the applicant.

Credit consolidation

Debt consolidation could be the solution for you. How about combining all your debts into one? It's a simple and advantageous solution! The principle of debt consolidation is very simple: Leader Finances gives you a single loan to pay off all your debts. You'll then have just one payment to make each month, and you could benefit from a lower interest rate, especially if you consolidate your credit card debts. What's more, if you respect the terms and conditions of your credit, you'll maintain a good credit rating.

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